Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Look back

Tenth CBSE board results were declared today. One of my friend's younger brother gave the exam this year. He got good marks (atleast we considered it good when we were in tenth standard) and yet he was sad... very sad. A few marks less than a friend, one mark less in science and two in maths is enough to unsettle you. This seems to be the most important thing in the world and you can go to any limits to ensure you do well. The whole world revolves around boards. I read news of kids committing suicide because they could not take pressure of exams or because the result was not good. This becomes a thing more worthy than your life and if you fail one exam you fail the exam of life.... I am not trying to say that we should abolish exams, thats not the point. I believe that we should teach kids to work hard and still accept failures sometimes. Life is not fair afterall.
Anyways I remembered that long..long time back I must be in the same stage. I did not take studies very seriously untill college first year and I am sure I did not cry after boards... but I am sure I must be greatly disappointed because of some exam some time. I have also been sad that I made some silly mistake in maths or was not fast enough to write in my social sciences paper.... It felt nice to know that, that was not the test of life... that theres more to life than a few exams here and there. That these are phases of life and that they pass. Today when I look back at my tenth board I can just smile at the thought that I considered it so very important. It felt good to hope that this is also a phase of life and that phases pass... someday I'll be able to look back at today with a certain fondness and smile... So heres to that day :)

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