Thursday, August 30, 2012

Looking from a corner

These days I refuse to read the newspaper or listen to the news. Newspaper lays on my bed and I devour the page 3 and cartoons.
With the world busy in:
Assam senseless riots and general distrust
Corruption cases of mass scale being ignored casually
State of power and hence production at a tragic low
Economy going down for all the reasons

I was confused at how we could take everything so lightly. Why nothing mattered. 
And then it happened. I tried if Ignorance is indeed bliss... If I could ignore it all...Can't say that I am happy or at peace. 
But, I have lost the right to crib..
I feel like I am walking on a dirty mud road with poodles of water, walking on the side.... in my pretty dress, holding a lovely flower.
I don't look at the mud, the dirt, the filth. I just get a little more sideways, if I fear something may ruin my dress.
Just singing a nice song and turning my head when an unpleasant sight comes. 
I guess I am living life on the sideways... perhaps just getting by...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Stop and Stare

Something that I had written a long back, but just felt like posting here...

" 'I am unique' cried the snowflake" - Bill Wattersen- Calvin and Hobbes
Yes, it is unique... or is it or does it even matter?

As you distance yourself, lines get blurred, differences disappear, topography vanishes and everything becomes calm and homogeneous. 

Each electron is rotating at a tremendous speed around the nucleus. Each atom fighting with the other atom for that shared electron. There are numerous activities going on at molecular level in a single water molecule. So many different particles and animals staying in the water bodies, maintaining a delicate balance and yet the sea appears so calm. The chaos gets replaced by a certain calm the farther you move away.

I wonder whether the countless insects, worms, bugs posses intelligence, what so ever. Our definition of intelligence may be highly relative. They might not be smarter than humans. But may be some random ant stays happy that it can carry more load, or some poor bird proud of its voice or some unknown insect finding the shortest path to a food. But for those sitting at the top of food chain, they represent a specie, something to be looked down upon, a subject of study. Their thoughts and actions do not matter except may be sometimes as a group they are a little more than nuisance. Apart from that they can be casually shrugged of, walked over or forgotten.

"The universe does not care"  as is said in Watchmen movie. Whether I live or not, whether the complete human race lives or not, whether a blue planet claims life or not. We are a tiny microscopic level dot on the surface of a tiny planet of a rather small star in a rather big galaxy. May be we are also just a subject of curiosity for some higher specie. May be there is afterall no long term purpose of our life. May be we are just as insignificant as the mosquito that I just cursed. May be our issues are pretty trivial. May be it does not matter much whether Mumbai wins the IPL or Rajasthan does. May be nothing makes a difference. 

We think that we are going to save the planet. Or atleast one step less towards destroying the planet. But actually we can neither save nor ruin the plant. The planet or universe is too big to be destroyed or saved by petty humans. All that we are doing is saving ourselves. We can just prolong the time this planet takes our nonsense, bear us. We are moving in a certain direction, all that we can do is micro adjust the speed. Nothing else. And that direction is predestined for the race. And frankly, the universe does not care a bit!!!!
May be before I fall into a blissful state of indifference and acceptance, I should stop thinking. May be my disgust with humans is better than my apathy. May be the purpose of life is to watch cricket... May be...

Sleeping child

The problem with me is that I can't close my eyes...

With Assam burning over religious matters... people claiming that it is all political as  we have been too 'accommodating' with refugees from Bangladesh who are now bold enough to fight and cause unrest.

Major blackout in the country because of grid failure and all states and center just passing the buck...

Nobody listening to the man fighting against corruption in Delhi. That news just seems to be lost among other 'important' news like cricket. There is a lot of corruption in India, everybody admits, but the action that it demands seems to be missing...

A young girl molested in Guwahati, on a busy street. Her crime, getting out of a pub, intoxicated. And men considered it their birth right and moral duty to 'teach her a lesson'. And they were no hardcore criminals. They were normal people, living among us, just slightly demented and accompanied by mob-hysteria and a sense of 'superiority' that drove them to this heinous crime.

People playing petty politics... and corrupting unsuspecting minds.

I always wanted to know things. I could never understand why, they said 'ignorance is bliss' . I am so reminded of the donkey 'Benjamin' in Animal Farm by George Orwell.
Now, I wish I could close my eyes and just ignore the mess. Build a cocoon with all the pretty things and live blissfully.