Wednesday, May 26, 2010

TOW in past

It just happens to be a random sad day. random like any other...sad for no reasons. Or may be sad for some reasons not to be described here and its ripple effect, leading to further troubles. I just wonder how things were so innocent and carefree as kids.

Happened to see some very old snaps... about 15-20 years old. When we were still in the custody of our parents. 5-6 years old, my brother and I fighting over all the possible silly issues and waking up best buddies again. Somehow that innocence is lost. Call it growing up, call it facing the world, call it learning things hard way... each has taken its toll. All the trusting faces of my childhood friends have turned into young men and women who know that world is not fair. I envy the smiling, naughty eyes that my 2 years old niece has. When you know that mummy will take care of every thing and papa has a solution to every problem. Now, you know you can escape the world and its reality for some time, go back home and forget everything... but you have to come back, take it all over again.

I now know that the 6 year old me was foolish in wanting to grow up. Its so much better struggling with standard 2 books than now. Life has its own sweet plans for us, not everything would turn out the way we want it to. Whatever, it is, I wish that 20 years younger me could trust the older me. 5 years old me could play with my 25 year old self... 15 years one could seek advice from 35 year old me and 25 years old me could believe in 45 years old version of me professionally. And some day a 65 years old could say I lived by the values I held...