Sunday, May 12, 2013

Lets Grow Up

Those who have not watched "Bombay Talkies" and intend to watch it, may stop reading further.
It has four short stories by four different directors. All the stories can be quite clearly associated with their directors, their take, their story, their style.... Looks like since, they did not have the pressure to tell just one story and get the producers money back, they could say what they wanted to... 

One of the story is by Karan Johar... I am not really a Karan Johar fan, but I have to give it to him that he brought homosexuality from close closet and out on the silver screen. He started with "Kal Ho Naa Ho", with a hint of homosexuality and gradually turned on the heat higher, showing men kiss in "Dostana". Here also, he picks up homosexuality as his topic. 

I had expected that after seeing this for so long, Indian audience would have grown mature. That we would be more accepting of men being attracted to men, sadly I was disappointed... People were laughing and giggling when a man was hit on by another man. There was a clear difference in how people would react if a woman finds a man attractive and when a man finds him attractive. We still find it hilarious and funny and not normal. And what is hilarious on screen would be unacceptable in real life. We would make fun if a boy told he likes boys or a girl likes girl.... 

Its still a long way for us... But, hope some day we will grow up... Continue to make us laugh Karan...

TOW Strange Wish

I am at a weird place in my career and life in general... its a new for me.

Job-wise... since some time it has been majorly a drag. I can't blame too many outside parameters for it. And in overall, its still a lot better than average. Its just that I don't look particularly forward to Mondays now and start sulking from Sunday afternoon.

But, lately, I look with a tinge of wish when I see a housewife or those having the liberty to decide when and how they want to work. I long for a house where I know where things are and not really dependent on the maids. I wish some days, where I would have the whole day to myself, arranging the flowers and curtains... thinking what should be cooked for dinner... making chips and papads... talking to the ladies in the society... and in general a more responsible home life and less responsible office life. Probably its just a case of grass being greener on the other side... I am constantly reminded by my friends that even though I have two days a week for the aforementioned tasks, I don't lift a finger. I don't do the cleaning, getting sense of house, arranging up in the weekend and would in all likelihood not do even if I was at home 7 days a week... would probably get terribly bored, not knowing what to do and sulk some more. I guess they are right... I don't know how to spend the entire day by myself... I don't have the knack of being a good homemaker... never had.

But, somehow, I just get this sudden urge when I hear someone has taken a break or are not working... Don't know if its just a passing whim or someday it will be strong enough to get hold of my better sense... Hope Not!!!