Thursday, September 20, 2012

Letter to the Almighty

Dear God,

You created the entire world. Then you created all the plants and animals. It was all so wonderful. Then you thought of creating an intelligent being, one that could see the world, see its wonder, appreciate it and build on it. One who would take it a step further. One that had the brain to think, the strength to change and a lovely canvas to create on. Rest he would discover with joy and make it all the more beautiful. You thought you had created a perfect being, gave him everything and your work here is done. With the physical and mental strength to change and a world waiting to be changed, what else can be needed.... It was perfect... Was this how you thought it would be. Humans will maintain the balance, and live in peace. It would be a specimen planet for all the right reasons.

And then, when you looked down, was it as expected? 

You must have thought with our brain, we would create a conscience, based on what works in long run for everybody and what doesn't. We would have a sense of right and wrong. But, then it didn't happen that way. We screwed up big time. So, you came to earth in order to salvage us, taking different forms. You went to different places, with different names and in different eras, spreading the same value, hoping it would fix things. But, then, to your utter dismay, we started fighting on your names instead. Is Raam right or Christ or Allah... Instead of taking your message, we just took your name and fought for it. Is this why you took all the trouble?
Were you sad or amazed at the sheer stupidity of  an intelligent being? 

And now when you look on us, what do you see?

We have ruined the planet. Its livable, still, but not as wonderful. Several animal and plants, your other prized creations, we killed them all. Everything has been changed to suit us, and yet we are not at peace. After establishing our supremacy over all other species, we want to establish it amongst ourselves.Based on religion, region, gender, color of skin and countless other things, we are fighting. It must not be anything like you expected. Is it?

I am sure you loved us in the beginning. You would haven't done so much for us otherwise. How do you feel now?

You must be oscillating between two ends of utter sadness and amazement. Sad that we ruined everything for everyone, despite having the capability to make it so much better. Amazed at our capacity to do so and actually doing so, despite all intelligence suggesting otherwise.