Sunday, January 15, 2012

India Connection

I think, there are a lot of things come with growing in India. India makes you:

Paranoid: You wonder why the guy is looking at you. What that strange noise outside is. You don't like going out alone in the night. You are wary if every sound and light...

Thankful: You know that countless things fell at just the right place for you to be able to read, write, understand, work.... live. You realize that life is not perfect, but its worth being thankful of.
Cynic: You find it hard to believe someone would help you for no reason. That the other car just gave you way. That the boss just smiled for no reason. There has to be something behind this... or so you think.

Hopeful: Every day brings in new hope. There were Bomb blasts in Mumbai and the city was up on its feet and working the next day. Its hard for an Indian to say 'Hopeless'... there has to be some way out, that is what we live by.

Curious: Two people arguing in the corner and a crowd would gather, asking what happened. Whats the story, who did what... I am yet to find any other race so interested in everyone else's lives. If there is an Olympic ever for being Gossip Monger, we should be watched out for. 

Believer: We believe... in God, in Humans, in things falling in place, in goodness... in Miracles.

Forgive and Forget?

There is a show 'V-Steal your GirlFriend'... Its a reality show with a story as:
Boy loves Girl. Girl Loves Boy. Boy cheats on girl or loses her somehow.
She is now with someone else. Boy misses girl and wants her back.
Channel helps him come with innovative ways to apologize and claim his love.

I just watched one episode of it and began to wonder. 

Can you forgive someone who cheats on you?
Is it easy or well possible to let it go and start afresh?
Would it be possible to forget all the dark pages of your story and just remember the lovely ones? Can you ignore the betrayal, the heartbreak and the pain?
Is it humanly possible? May be sometimes one would accept to give it a try, but does the relation stay the same?
Would you be able to trust as much as you could or would you be suspicious every time he has a long day at work?

Right now, I think it is not in my dictionary, but, Is breach of trust a pardonable offense?