Monday, April 5, 2010

TOW Screaming out loud

I am a pretty normal individual who just happens to have weird friends ;)

I am not socialist certainly... I don't intend to be a hard core capitalist either... I am not the most environmental conscious person around but I am not ignorant or unethical either... given a choice I would prefer to sleep peacefully not thinking about governance at all... doing the right thing and assuming or rather hoping that others would follow suit on their own.

But I somehow find myself in arguments or getting views from people on a lot higher moral ground than me. People who are rare and who are out there to fix the world (so far so good)... kinda people who would not sit unless everyone in the world is at peace (great people... must say)

I must be inspired and honored to be around such people... but I guess I am one bad person.... I find it being overdone... Well... I totally agree that we are ruining the environment... that there are people who are living in poverty and without basic amenities because "the bad capitalists" sucked their blood out.... that there are far more deserving kids begging on the streets and not getting education because ..... And that we all must do our bit... that we can really change the world if we want to...

But is there any limit to how much should you give up??? I know I should use public transport and save fuel... but please can you improve the public transport system of Delhi... and yeah the people too. Yeah I know I am not helping the poor by buying that Levis.... but pleeeeese lemme have that one good fit.... Somehow the more I hear about how much we are privileged and how I don’t deserve the salary I draw I feel like saying...fine I earn a salary I don’t deserve but that does not mean I have committed a crime...stop preaching me....

I do want to contribute my bit.... but I demand an equal contribution from people who are on the receiving end.... I don’t intend to sacrifice my pleasures for people who do not realize that they are living a less than ideal life and they need to fix it first. It is not as much a concern for me as it should be for them.... It does not require a degree in finance from IIMs to figure out that 7 kids surviving on a salary of 2000 per month is not a good idea. Poverty does not take the brain out of your body; you are still allowed to think. So many people rise out of poverty, and do well to their lives. I am not saying I could have done that or that it is easy. But it’s not impossible either. There should be an age limit up to which you can blame your parents and upbringing for your condition. At some point you have to accept, that you are responsible too.
It shouldn't be some random NGOs having the responsibility of setting things right, the initiative must come from within and move out.