Thursday, October 10, 2013

Once upon a time

Songs have tele-portation power!!! They can instantly take you to a certain place and time in history or over to a certain person. They can lift you in a minute from a rather bad day. They can bring in a smile. They can make the world seem alright again. They can turn you back into a child again, they can make a goofy teenager out of you. You can become a carefree college-goer from a boring, mellowed person!!! 
Late night, still working for office, I heard this song. It took me back to my college. I remembered, what I once was... always studying in the end and talking and having fun for as long as possible. I wonder where that person is now. This song brought that back to me for a second!

My roomie used to sing this song back then. The good ideal student, among the careless lot of us, the one who made sense Always!!! 
She was so right when she sung "Rahein naa rahein hum, mehaka karenge... ". Love you Aastha!!!