Saturday, September 26, 2009

All that hatred

damn these mood swings. I am in a boring terribly irritating mood... God save anyone who comes near me today... Either he/she will die of boredom or I may just try my luck at murder. So heres a collection of all things that I hate, may hate or nearly hate.. Inshort I am going to yell and swear all my way. Its my blog and I will curse all I want, you are free to curse me in your blog or in the comments section ;)

  • I hate the way USA acts.. like a spoilt rich brat... "American way of life cannot be compromised" ? You keep on leaving your room messy and someone will clean after you? Isn't that what other countries are for? We are tired of being your mom or your hired help... stop acting like a kid. Grow up. Take responsibility.You clean the mess you made of environment.
  • I hate the way China acts, like a school bully. Start eating your own lunch and stop snatching from poor Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet's boxes. We are not giving you even a tiny bit taste of Arunachal Pradesh. Stop yelling or flexing your muscles. You must be aware that no good kid on the block talks to you or atleast nobody wants to.
  • I hate the way Pakistan acts, as if we are all hypnotized and believe whatever they say. You say, you will help in ending terrorism? How, by calling the leaders to Iftiyar party? Destroying it Gandhian way... Kill your enemies by Love? Somehow I am not amused.
  • I hate the way some of the Indian politicians treat us all like dumb uneducated ignorant folks. Those who cannot read court orders that say "Stop building your sculptures and start building roads". Or those who cannot make out that the way you are preparing for Common Wealth Games is the way an ideal Engineering student prepares for a viva... last moment. Hoping that there is no power cut, no rain and that there is a God, answering the harried prayers that were done instead of the preparation.
  • I hate the way we common folks act, infact I hate that more than any of the above. We act as if there is no relation between cause and effect... as if mere wishing could change things... I wish, the streets were clean.. I wish the politicians were more answerable to us... and that news channels showed news instead of gossip... that someone would do something about everything... and that I had a gennie... yeah wishes do come true... we don't have to as much as lift a finger.
Thats it for now... I feel better ;)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Change Request

After 3-4 weeks I went to CMP again. CMP is Corporate Mentorship Programme where in employees of my company spend 2 hours a week with kids from two orphanages ...kinda "mentoring" them... wherein we are all addressed as "Bhaiya" or "Didi" ... and our aim is to be that in long run... to become someone they can rely on... probably be an elder sibling who can guide and mentor them. One who is not as strict as a teacher and yet not just a fun buddy.
Anyways.... so today they were being taught "Etiquette"- Table manners, general courtesy, etc etc. Things like:
  • Leave your seats for elderly and other needy people.
  • Open and hold the door for elders and other people.
  • Do not take other's things without asking. Always return back things in good condition and with thanks :)
Hmm... pretty impressive... We should teach kids to be courteous for an ideal, happy society.
But then I remembered an instance from "Shantaram" - a book on real life story by Gregory David Roberts. This man is in Bombay, India and leaves his seat for an old man in a local train and he is scolded by his Indian guide for being an idiot and hence having to stand. He is advised, if you can not see an old / disabled/ pregnant short needy person in discomfort due to standing... do not see... turn your face away... look away. You ain't supposed to give your seat!!! How convenient :) And well ... I am not very proud to say, this is what is actually done. As if your looking away will take the pain away... or in general... if you can ignore something it ceases to exist!!!
I dont remember how many times I have lent books that were never returned or how many pens I have lost that were kept at the desk. I do not see any deliberate intention of theft here, but yes may be we are too careless to worry about minor things... Or may be deep down within we believe in "Vasudhev Kutambkamb" ( treat the whole world as your own brother) and think its okay to be casual in dealing with brothers. :)
We certainly know what is right and what is not. The way things should ideally function. The things that should be taught to kids. But somehow in the long journey of life..from 18 onwards we tend to forget some of the unimportant lessons of life.
I am reminded of an intersting quote, "Conscience is the most flexible material in the world. Today, you cannot stretch it over a molehill ; while tomorrow it can hide a mountain." Sometimes I wish, conscience were more visible, more tangible... some thing like an itch... you just cant ignore it!!!! If you see something going wrong, you cannot help but scratch!!!!! This is one of the change requests I am going to give to the creator when I meet Him ;)

PS... Poulomi... I know your "Little Women" is with me. I intend to return it when we meet next