Sunday, July 29, 2012

Just pathetic

I watched this episode of Crime Patrol 

For those who are unaware of this serial, its based on real life incidents. Often it brings on unknown faces of Indian society, sometimes highlighting the despair, sometimes callousness, sometimes selfishness and sometimes humanity. It has shocked me more than once....

This one tells about a small village in Maharashtra, where small farmers took loan from landlords. Since, most of the farmers were illiterate, landlord would put wrong calculations in the name of interest, so much so that farmer could never repay it and would be forced to work for free for landlord. Also, his future generations would be forced to work for the landlord for free.... Until once a farmer, took to educate his only child, a girl. The intelligent girl, worked part time and helped his father repay the loan. This annoyed the landlord so much that he got the girl, all of 17 years, kidnapped and raped her and finally made her write a letter that she was a willing partner before dropping her back after a week. The poor soul was in a state of shock and committed suicide. Until then police were reluctant in catching the landlord who was a powerful local politician.  He is in custody now after villagers got to higher authorities, sadly, chances are that he would be out soon, ready to reign with terror again..... 

For  a long time, people there would not educate their kids... would be willing to be slave for ages... would live in fear.... 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Out of the blue

If Masterchef of different countries is ever a clue of how the people are. 

This is how I would understand people are in these countries:
Americans: Bitchy, Boisterous and Arrogant
Indians: Winy and emotional
Australians: Fair, friendly, good winners and losers

Australia has surely risen a few notches in my wish-list. If Australia tourism is a promoter, good job ;)