Sunday, January 15, 2012

Forgive and Forget?

There is a show 'V-Steal your GirlFriend'... Its a reality show with a story as:
Boy loves Girl. Girl Loves Boy. Boy cheats on girl or loses her somehow.
She is now with someone else. Boy misses girl and wants her back.
Channel helps him come with innovative ways to apologize and claim his love.

I just watched one episode of it and began to wonder. 

Can you forgive someone who cheats on you?
Is it easy or well possible to let it go and start afresh?
Would it be possible to forget all the dark pages of your story and just remember the lovely ones? Can you ignore the betrayal, the heartbreak and the pain?
Is it humanly possible? May be sometimes one would accept to give it a try, but does the relation stay the same?
Would you be able to trust as much as you could or would you be suspicious every time he has a long day at work?

Right now, I think it is not in my dictionary, but, Is breach of trust a pardonable offense? 

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Unknown said...

My philosophy in life is simple. Trust everyone until someone gives you a reason not to. From then on, never trust who has broken your trust, even once.