Thursday, August 30, 2012

Looking from a corner

These days I refuse to read the newspaper or listen to the news. Newspaper lays on my bed and I devour the page 3 and cartoons.
With the world busy in:
Assam senseless riots and general distrust
Corruption cases of mass scale being ignored casually
State of power and hence production at a tragic low
Economy going down for all the reasons

I was confused at how we could take everything so lightly. Why nothing mattered. 
And then it happened. I tried if Ignorance is indeed bliss... If I could ignore it all...Can't say that I am happy or at peace. 
But, I have lost the right to crib..
I feel like I am walking on a dirty mud road with poodles of water, walking on the side.... in my pretty dress, holding a lovely flower.
I don't look at the mud, the dirt, the filth. I just get a little more sideways, if I fear something may ruin my dress.
Just singing a nice song and turning my head when an unpleasant sight comes. 
I guess I am living life on the sideways... perhaps just getting by...

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