Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sleeping child

The problem with me is that I can't close my eyes...

With Assam burning over religious matters... people claiming that it is all political as  we have been too 'accommodating' with refugees from Bangladesh who are now bold enough to fight and cause unrest.

Major blackout in the country because of grid failure and all states and center just passing the buck...

Nobody listening to the man fighting against corruption in Delhi. That news just seems to be lost among other 'important' news like cricket. There is a lot of corruption in India, everybody admits, but the action that it demands seems to be missing...

A young girl molested in Guwahati, on a busy street. Her crime, getting out of a pub, intoxicated. And men considered it their birth right and moral duty to 'teach her a lesson'. And they were no hardcore criminals. They were normal people, living among us, just slightly demented and accompanied by mob-hysteria and a sense of 'superiority' that drove them to this heinous crime.

People playing petty politics... and corrupting unsuspecting minds.

I always wanted to know things. I could never understand why, they said 'ignorance is bliss' . I am so reminded of the donkey 'Benjamin' in Animal Farm by George Orwell.
Now, I wish I could close my eyes and just ignore the mess. Build a cocoon with all the pretty things and live blissfully.

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