Friday, July 24, 2009


This is no place to write (office)... this is no time to write( 6:30 in the evening... for others to go home, for me the best time to work)... this is no day to write (Friday!!!) and this is certainly no reason to write( not to be mentioned).

I should be rather sad and totally embarrassed at myself. The reason is not to be mentioned... I told you once!!! Anyways, had it been just sometime back, I would have been soooo totally embarrassed and gloomy the rest of the day and may be weekend and some days after that as well. But I have now begun to forgive myself. I have now decided not to be sad and embarrassed about reasons I may not remember in another 2-3 years. I will not regret trivial things. I cannot change a lot of things, I cannot be a lot other things, I can't get a lot of things, but that has to be accepted, isnt it? Life doesn't anyways give you all that you want. I was always able to laugh at myself. I donot get offended very easily, but the recent change is that I have now begun laughing at myself alone!!! I can now laugh if I fall down walking alone or in a crowd, I can laugh if I make blunders in office. I can... I can. Probably its because I have overused my capacity to be sad, gloomy and embarrassed. Probably because I wanted to try a different way to react. Probably because I have realized I donot matter to people as much as I matter to myself. Probably because I am just bored and need a good laugh ;) Anyways, I like it this way.

I am soon going to make a collection of all the blunders I or people close to me have made. A collection of stories behind the gyaan vaanies :D. I am sure I wont be able to publish it on moral ground, but it will certainly give me the much needed laugh :P


Anonymous said...

It's really a good sign that you tend to forget reasons that make you sad or embarrassed in a 2 or 3 years period. I am really worried for people who remember those all their lives. Deep shit is what they are in. May God save them. You very well can save yourself (and you know it).

PS: No matter who you are and what you do...try to stay cheerful.

earthwire said...

Its written for minor things in life.. things like a missed deadline or a failed test... things that I used to worry about a lot earlier. But I do not happen to have a complete memory loss in some years time :) And seriously God save someone who retains that kind of smaller tr.oubles lifelong

Anonymous said...
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Rachna said...

Sahi funde hai :D