Saturday, July 25, 2009

India Shining!!!

"India Shining" has been a phrase that was used extensively at one point of time in India and has been more or less forgotten now... However the phrase has somehow stuck with me. Though the parameters for this shine were never defined, I believe it must be some interesting financial and social term that I will never understand. Hence, I labelled some moments as my own "India Shining" moments.

One was when I saw an advertisement of Rajasthan Tourism in Denmark. Cant describe how happy I was to realise that we are trying to sell Rajasthan soooo far off...

And then I again noticed "India Business Report" in Denmark as well. Guess the world is really interested in how much money we are minting and where we are heading. Sahi hai

Next one was when I saw "Hare Rama hare krishna mission" people on streets in Aarhus in Denmark. Yeah I agree that this is religion and not nation... still.. I liked it. I liked to see all those people with Western faces, citizenships and upbringings wearing sarees and dhoti-kurta, singing hindu hymns so loudly, telling about Lord Rama and Krishna to all. The words "Rama" and "Krishna" with a certain accent seemed interesting. Well... this means slowly we have people accepting that Christ may not be the only God. :)

And the last one in the list was when I watched this video ... all foreigners singing "Jai ho" from the movie "Slumdog millionaire" !!! Well... may its not an Indian movie... but the language is certainly Indian... and getting the world dance to our tunes... well that is something ;)

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