Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Back to basics

For some time Miss X, a good friend has been asking for some alternative career options. She happens to be comfortably placed, qualified(as per degrees) software engineer, working half an hour a day, staying in the office for 7 hrs, claiming to be working for 9 hrs and extracting a salary worth my 12 hrs. So X, heres a list of jobs that one can take without any additional degree and too much of pain in case one wants to quit/ gets kicked out of a comfortable paying job.

1. You can play agony aunt on newspaper. Its easy and not to mention fun when people ask you what to do if they are sad that their parents are not allowing them to own a pet or that their colleagues are playing dirty politics or gossiping against them, etc etc...

2. You can play Love guru on the radio. With nearly zero direct experience on love and all types of love experience vicariously, trust me only sane, home-breaking advice can come ;)

3. You can always work as an apprentice at a beauty parlour. That is as close to an air conditioned office one can go, without working. And if you are bad enough, you'll be asked just to do the fetching and cleaning stuff ;)

4. One can(not you X) start teaching kids at home. One can also open a creche.

5. Anybody with one bit creativity ( that can be learnt) one can start teaching art, craft, mehndi, silaai, kadhaai, bunaai, cooking, etc at home. What should be your target group depends on your skills and your ability to tolerate kids.

6. With a little internet working skills, one can start online trading/ getting tickets booked/ pay utility bills/ sell and buy things on net. You can also start blogging and earn from that or may be contribute and earn from fan-fiction/ soap story writing.

7. You can also buy cheap stuff from Sarojini nagar and sell in sector 25, Noida.

8. The easiest way to be a parasite still remains being a house-wife. Just try to look so frail that you are never asked to do any house work.

PS. This is first cut of available career options. I'll update the list when I find more suitable jobs for you. Happy working. :)

As promised and decided, here are the additions:
9. You can get associated with any newspaper/tv/ etc etc and start going to different dhabas and restaurants and comment in the new outlets. The known foodie you are, it may be good for all. One(not you again) can also get paid to shop and comment on the shopping experience!!!

10. A new coffee shop with some good coffee, tea and snacks can be opened. Imagine a rainy day and a cosy shop serving good chai and pakoda... I'll certainly be your first customer


Unknown said...

if none of them suits then

means if one is not creative, have zero patience level, lethargic and vocabulary plus literature, General awareness is bad then wat to do?

Anonymous said...

I think I am getting more n more drawn towards actualising these ideas

earthwire said...

Good :) You are more than welcome to add your ideas as well!!!

This list is not exhaustive. If none of the ideas suit then we need to find more alternatives. All else can be treated except for being lethargic :)