Sunday, December 6, 2015

Our missing Women

This post is not about female infanticide and skewed up sex ratio of India. That's for another day.

This is about a section of females that is getting extinct in India... Females who had the luxury of time.. Females who were available... those with knowledge of things passed through generations.

The mummy, aunties, chachis of our generation. Usually house wives, the elder generation knew how to cook, make pickles and papads, stitch clothes and make sweaters. They knew what to do when you have common cold or eye infection... generation of dadi maa k nuskhe passed along. Home remedies and easy help available without google. They would add charm to all family functions... From weddings to festivals, they would take charge and add colour to the world. Expecting a baby... Is your mother coming or are you going to her place. That's the default question. Help and time are not a question. Elders are unwell... bring them home and they would be taken care of.

I wonder what will happen when my generation has to take the baton. I don't know any folk songs... something I love during the weddings. I don't know any skill worthy enough to pass along. My kids will have everything readymade from food to clothes and sweaters. Most of my friends are working and we don't have the time or skill needed to look after others. We are going to be the generation that did not pass traditions and made everything a bland colour of market made stuff and short cut celebrations.

Would I trade my independence and carefree world for all this? Probably not. But, I certainly do feel a tinge of guilt everytime a see a century old tradition that my generation would be last to enjoy...

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