Sunday, April 26, 2015

No courtesies please!!

I have worked with Danes for a long time. And there are few awesome things they teach you, one being courtesy.

I have worked for long at a place where work stopped at 7, no one worked on weekend and calling people out of office hours was acceptable only when sky was falling. It was a place where people had all the luxuries in terms of time.
No hurry... smell the flowers... smell the coffee... talk a while. You also had time for sorries, thank yous and pleases.

Now, I am working at a place where people are working at full throttle for long hours. Things are fast, frantic and flying. There is just so much happening at the same time. I am being told this is the real world!!
But, when you have 10 different things that you should be doing and 15 where you are delayed, the first one that slips is courtesy. Initially, I thought people are rude. Only to realize its not so, its just not the highest priority at that time. The realization was a sad relief.

One good thing that comes out of being this busy, is that there is no time for dirty politics. You don't have any time to breathe, let alone talk and plot! You don't care if anyone takes credit, if they take some bit of load too. Its a lot cleaner. I would say better with confidence too, had it not been so draining. I guess that is the price of peace of mind.

I wish with all my might that there was something in between, but, guess perfection is just a myth!!


Anonymous said...

Ouch ..that means no blogging from office I guess ;-)

earthwire said...

Blogging was never from office. Its no reading either now ;)