Saturday, April 16, 2011

TOW Mystery

I have always been an advocate of fighting for what you think is right.... not giving up... staying there till the end... see it through...

But, I wonder is it always worth it. Its nice to win, when you know that it is right.... but at what cost.? Is the trouble and cost of fight worth the gain in the end? Often I see people quitting jobs rather early... a year and half in one company and we are ready to move out. Number of reasons from not enough work to too much of work, not enough salary... better prospects and bad manager. I felt that if things are amiss you ought to fix it instead of finding the nearest exit route.

Now, I have begun thinking how much is it worth.... you argue, fight...take it to the next level... take it further up... spend some weeks or may be months irritated at the whole thing, hoping someone will wake from slumber and give you a logical and acceptable answer. You direct your anger to your relations, who give a sympathetic ear, you start feeling guilty and further pissed of. End of it all, you may get what you wanted or you get bored of the tussle and decide to quit. I have seen quite a lot of talented, smart people in the industry dissatisfied with their companies. In fact, I am yet to find someone who is happy with everything after 4-5 years in the same company.

How Indian IT industry survives and does well with such huge attrition of people would remain a mystery for me.... an illogical one. You hire people, train them for a month or two before they become of any use... and then you lose them in next 12-13 months, taking the knowledge with them. Probably because we never intend to build on knowledge, we just want a bare minimum functional and domain knowledge and get all the maintenance work to do. We never want to do anything smarter than that. Probably, we don't want to accept that our people are important for growth. That we need the bottom of pyramid to be stable too. Probably we believe that we would always find someone who is smart enough to do all the work and dumb enough not to want anything back and we know we can suck the blood out of them. Probably, we just intend to see the short term goals acheived, long term is not really our forte...


Rambler said...

I couldn't relate to this post more.. have always wondered if it is worth it, standing up to your beliefs, stands when the cost I pay for it ranges from broken hearts, painful relations, or friendships.

I know your post is more about standing up at work, and not quitting soon, but then it so much applies to real life..

somehow I seem to have ignored [or trying to ignore consciously] work part of my life, assuming it's not worth the effort :)

earthwire said...

Yeah... sometimes its just hard being honest. You know it would be less painful if you could just lie or fake... And its true in every aspect, professional and personal.

I have not yet been able to ignore work... guess time will fix that one ;)