Tuesday, March 29, 2011

TOW Admiration

This is cricket world cup time... people are getting crazier day by day...stakes are rising.... it doesn't seem to be anything less than war. Pressure on players is crossing all levels...they know their every move will be scrutinised, discussed and if needed criticised for a long time. We have raised them to a level, which is next(hopefully) only to God.

And it is not just for cricketers, we also have a special status for all celebrities... actors, actresses, politicians. I often wonder why we do this. Appreciating someone, respecting and admiring is one thing. But when something like this is done:

ain't we in some way demeaning ourselves.

Isn't giving a mortal human God status demeaning to our Gods? Isn't piercing your body for a celebrity an insult to your body? When we say that some human is great and we attach a certain awe to it, ain't we challenging our wits?

Its great to be awesome in some field, when we see a great player or a great actor, its natural to appreciate it. But, does it also mean that they are great in all fields of life? That whatever they say is necessarily right? Why can't we consider them as mere mortals... who eat, drink, work... and are susceptible to errors.

Why do we need to peep into lives of celebrities.. what Paris Hilton does, how Lady Gaga feels or what vows Kate Middleton will make? Is it some sort of inferiority complex in our lives, which drives us to look into the lives of those better humans? Are we trying to get some thrill in our otherwise routine boring lives? What drives us to read page 3 of news paper everyday????

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