Tuesday, March 1, 2011

TOW Buri Nazar

Sachin always puts his right foot forward while entering a cricket field. He looks up after scoring any century or so. Amitabh has loads of rings that ensure his family's wellbeing. All serials by Ekta kapoor are numerological correct. There are several superstitions that each of us have for success. From a lucky pen to a lucky shirt to an unlucky number.... And this concept is not restricted to India only, the so-called Scientifically advanced countries have their own notions of lucky charms. We may not like to accept them, but when it comes to fate or luck, we like to keep the Gods happy...

But, there is one thing which is uniquely Indian. The concept of "Buri Nazar" or Evil eye. From "Buri Nazar waale tera munh kaala" written behind every truck to the latest in the trade "Nazar Suraksha Yantra" or "Badha Raksha Yantra". Tele marketers have found our weakness and they sure know how to tap it. The fact that we believe some people have the power to ruin our happiness by just being jealous!!! I am not sure how many of us will fall into the trap of them, but, it certainly is able to fund the advertisements. Again, we may not like to accept that we the elite, educated ones are superstitious, but we would still apply kajal on the forehead of an infant... just in case.

I honestly wonder, are Indians the only race capable of casting evil eyes on others? Ain't the kids in other countries cute or are the people more kind hearted. Or is there some "How to be evil and how to protect yourself" dose which is given to every Indian at birth? How is a concept so deeply rooted in Indian minds able to sustain itself through the centuries unless it is carefully packed and parcelled to the next generation.

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