Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New year ka resolution

I have been thinking about writing for almost 6 months now. Loads of things crossed my mind, several ideas made me wonder, annoying people, interesting happenings around the world. I am sure I have spent more time thinking about writing than what people spend on writing. I would have expected myself to come up with something better. Than I decided to stop thinking and post something!!!

I was inspired by the fact that there are so many bloggers who give me something to read during office hours. So, I should repay the debt and write something that some other person who is supposed to be working might read and get the needed break.

I begin by introducing the change in this blogs contents. This one is gonna be the more-me kind of blog. If and when something more thought provoking happens, it will go on the other post.
And now, the changes since then:
1. I attended quite a few weddings... one of them being mine.
2. I have a new apartment and all new things ... furniture, electronics, roomie ... some of them confusing, some interesting, some just difficult to handle.
3. I have realized a lot of things about myself... more on that later

From now on I will be regular... From now on I will be regular... From now on I will be regular...


Rachna said...

If posting a blog in every two months qualifies as being regular...congratulation u are the one!!!!!....oops naam kya hai post ka:"Happy New year ka resolution" toe jo likha hai woh follow hoga hi nai..all the best AK..for the coming yr ka resolution

earthwire said...

:D WIP.. Work in Progress