Thursday, June 16, 2011

TOW Abortion

    I read this short story on FaceBook recently:
     "A woman clutching a one year old baby goes to a doctor. Says, I am pregnant again and I don't think I can handle two young babies at the same time. So, I have come for an abortion. Doctor tried to convince her otherwise. When she didn't budge, he looks at her and says, abortion will have side effects on your body, I have a healthier option. Why don't you keep the child inside you and lets kill the child in your arm. The lady was horrified and shocked at the thought of parting with her child. At which the doctor knowing that he has made his point, tells her that a child in a uterus is still a child"
   I have deliberately removed all emotions from the story and mentioned only the boring facts in the story.     
    I hated the story. MM (Stands for My Man, or Husband, yeah... I am inspired by some other bloggers ) read it and found it good.
    Like many other topics we have decided not to discuss it further and cross the bridge if (hopefully never) and when it comes.
    I am of the opnion that one should never have kids unless they are fully prepared, willing and wanting to have them. Its a crime to bring an unwanted child in the world. With so many children being abandoned by their parents in India and so many others not getting proper care, love and even food, I am not sure how one can advocate any other view.
    Its not easy living on this over crowded planet, you need an initial support. If you are forcing someone to come here, then you ought to take the responsibility and help them survive and live in a dignified manner.
    We can blame most of the juvenile crimes to lack of love and guidance. When parents don't understand their responsibilty, how can we expect children to be responsible? When one doesn't have the time or will to teach the kids right values, how can we expect that kids will grow up to become right thinking, responsible individuals?
I was called heartless on this note... But, I guess I would prefer being heartless compared to being irresponsible.

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