Saturday, February 24, 2018

Thinking of her...

"Universe is completely balanced and in perfect order. You will be compensated in full for everything that you do."

This has been my belief for as long as I remember.

Long before Justin Timberlake said what goes around comes back around, I believed that you can't escape what you do. Karma will catch hold of you, so it's much better to do good and live in peace, rather than be evil and worry when it will catch hold of you. It has been ingrained into my mind quite deeply. I have always been at peace with my choices and behavior.

However, there is one thing that unsettles me every time I think about it. One woman I knew rather well, passed away at a young age unhappily. She decided to end her life when she couldn't bear what her husband had turned into... a vicious, manipulating monster. Was her step right... certainly not. But, the guy knew precisely well what he was driving her to. He knew where to hit and when, carefully delivered words at the weakest moments. And then at her lowest low, she decided it's not worth fighting, worth living. 

When I see that man, living happily.... no regrets, no past, no worries, I fume inside. That's one thing that makes me question if there is a justice in the end. Do you really have to pay your debts? Does peace come so easily. I pray to the Lord for peace and justice whenever I think of her... May he grant her peace....

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