Friday, December 5, 2014

The Ungli moment

Have you watched that clip from Pyaar ka Panchnaama...

where the man claims that there are times, when he has a fight with his girl friend and he has all arguments in his favor. He is sure that this time he will have his point proven. But, during the fight, somehow he will raise a finger at her and suddenly the whole discussion would come down to 'how dare he raise his finger at her'. Everything else forgotten,flushed down the gutter, the whole discussion is about the raised finger.

I believe we have the same thing at our place, sadly with role reversal. I am dead angry and not in a mood to take any more non-sense. My dear husband knows the mood and he would press just enough buttons to push me over my patience limit. He knows exactly how to break me down and draw a reaction. And the angered, battered I am at that time, I give in. Give him enough to move the conversation there, how dare I say something so rude. Everything else forgotten, not to be discussed, the argument is about the raised finger... I am so damn pissed off!!!

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