Thursday, March 1, 2012

Need for guide??

Are my expectations to high
Or my words not clear?
Is it too difficult to give
What I wish dear?
I wish I could put more words
I could explain better
But then I craved you would
feel the need to know me

I know I could write once and for all
My wishes, needs and desires
A handy guide to refer
and know the right action

I know I could make your life easier
We can live happily without knowing each other
But thats what I dread about
Won't help you there, not now, not ever.

Moods, dreams, wishes, insanities,
make me who I am.
I wish you try to know the real me
One argument, tiff or finding a time

Take the pain, go the hard way,
Don't look at me for a cheat sheet on emotions
Coz, If you can't hear my silence
I wonder if my words would matter...

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