Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Lost battle

Lord... Give me patience and tolerance.
To be able to deal with the incompetent, and careless and egoists and ...

I believe I have become a fanatic in recent times. For perfection, for order. Had it been for any other more common disorders, like religion I might have become a deity or dead, depending on the prevalent political situation. I have no sympathy or empathy left for disorder or incompetence. 
I often wondered, why is it that we Indians are so short-tempered. Road rage, fights, murders at the stupidest provocation seems to be so common now. Like
getting killed discussing which is the best car.
Now, I seem to be losing the battle too. With job getting hectic, too many things to handle, too many people not giving the desired , expected and agreed outcome, I have lost my sanity. I feel like a lunatic by the time my day comes to an end, come anywhere near and I can't predict my reaction. Basic manners are the first ones to fly of the window, closely followed by rational. The sad thing is I can see what is happening, what needs to change and I am too tired to react.

But, the good thing is I have figured out the mystery behind our temper. Nothing or 
at least nothing seems to give the desired outcome... Traffic does not move at the speed it should, carpenter/ plumber/maid/... do not work according to the promises, Government does not govern, boss gives unrealistic deadlines, wife does not listen, colleagues do not work the right way... and the frustration keeps piling up, until we can hold no more and burst at the slightest possibility.
Guess, I should change my name from earthwire to short-fuse now. :-(

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