Sunday, January 31, 2010

TOW Salute

I was recently told about a female who lost her child because of negligence of creche where she left him while she worked. She then started a creche of her own. She also spent a significant amount of her savings on her relatives, who abandoned her family when they needed them. She gathered whatever broken pieces she still had and rebuilt what she could. I could not even guess this in spite of meeting her several times.She is one of the most gentle persons I have seen. She can look after children, caring as her own beyond time limits, beyond eccentric parents. It certainly is not money that drives her. She is not bitter, nor has she lost faith in goodness.

When I was told about her story, I was lost wondering what does it take to stay sane. To accept things as they come. So many of us breakdown. We give up on ourselves and on others. We distrust, we hate. We lose faith. Troubles leave us weaker than before. But some of us react differently. They emerge stronger each time they are tested. I wonder what is that differentiates and empowers them. That they come out neither bitter, nor sad or jealous. Rather they come out as fearless souls at peace with themselves.

I am sure it takes more than any strength I can fathom. A lot more trust than I can measure. To fall freely, no strings attached, knowing that the power will catch you, will not let you break, even if you get bruised. It takes more... a lot more to not break. To not let your spirit die. To stay good. To forgive. To stay human.


earthwire said...
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Ash said...

Being assertive in nature is what can help humans to stay sane.. thats an open secret i guess ;-), Some often breakdown in different situations, but one should understand, life may be different from there on, but its not the end, he/she can still keep the smile and start walking on path he/she choosed,so at the end of the day,he/she will never repent in his life that he never tried!

You know me, i normally dont write such tension bharay stuff ;-), but yes this article was kinda touchy.

Good Going.


earthwire said...

:) Thanks

Yeah you are right... but its just that... its easier said than done :(

Anoop Singh Saini said...

It has more to do with ideology, I guess. If you meet an individual who always believed in something but never dared pursue it beyond a point due to some reponsibilities/restrictions, child in this case, then they become focussed to pursue it with even more dedication. This not only gives them at opportunity to seek salvation but also an excuse to be away from the world that caused them such pain. They start developing a dual personality, one which let the world percieve that nothing has changed and the other which truly reflects their state of mind but is not open to inspection by others.

This, probably, is the reason why you think 'such' people don't break, although in reality they do, and yet act in a manner as if nothing has happened.

You have every right to differ with me on each and every word, for obvious reasons :-)


earthwire said...

@Anoop ... Yes I disagree :)

According to your logic there are just two ways to react to an unrealized goal or sad phase in life: a) You cry, crib and let the world know...i.e.. break. b) You do not let the world know that you are hurt... still you know that you are defeated..i.e.. break.

I don't think that these are the only two possible reactions :)

Anoop Singh Saini said...

I will start by quoting a part of my earlier response here:
"It has more to do with ideology, I guess. If you meet an individual who always believed in something ...."

Now what is important is your interpretation of this statement, well not that I write like Socrates but still :-). From your response I figured(interpreted ??) that you just ignored this aspect and focussed on the 'act' that one pursues i.e. means and not the purpose, which in my openion is inappropriate.

Let me try elaborating on that quoted text to an extent which should clarify the issue. 'Ideology' or 'Individuals Belief' is not something very common, although most claim to have one, and those who genuinely do have such conviction towards there ideology are the ones who have the option of opting for the 'means' that would help them achieve what they consider is their real 'purpose', which is guided by ideology.

It is actually this period of finding 'purpose' in which an individual appears to be broken/crying(pick ur word).
I would like to draw your attention to an old adage 'Time heals all wounds', and in my openion 'time' here refers to the period I was talking about earlier. Why else do you think after ANY kind of catastrophy everyone, almost everyone, attains peace, or salvation as I prefer calling it.

Once again, you are free to disagree. In fact being the blog owner you are free to suppress my views as well, by deleting my post :-)