Wednesday, September 27, 2017

To the boy I love

Dear Son,

There are so many things I wish to tell you, wish you remember when you grow up. Let me start with what you are admired for and what you need to change.

Now about 21 months old, you can walk, run, dance and pretty much do everything as far as mobility is concerned. You are pretty good at understanding stuff too. You see the daily activities and understand how stuff is done, from cleaning, washing clothes to cooking food.

You just love cooking food and being allowed to cook brings an instant smile to your face. You want to sit at the counter close to gas and just do what you see being done, from taking a pan and mixing stuff, stirring it and also making chapattis. You use all your tactics to be allowed that. Saying the words... "Upaaaa" or Upar to place you up there, and then saying "Khana" or food just in case we didn't understand the command, you say it all. Then when you are still not allowed, you start throwing mild tantrums, from bending over backwards to crying, lying on the floor showing anger and also hitting people, scratching them, pulling their hair when your demands are not met. You are quite a performer, I must say. But, when you figure out it won't be won't be allowed anymore to cook on gas, you make peace with that. It doesn't take long for you to stop sulking and start enjoying life again. It may be a cartoon to watch, going "bahar" or "ummi" (for ghoomi or ghoomna) or playing with plastic balls. 
But, you don't stop trying to go back to the gas at the next earliest opportunity. You keep on trying every now and then that you would again be placed at that magical place called stove. And we do that, for that magical smile that you give us at that win!!
Lesson 6: You need to make peace with things. At some point you need to let go. It's only so long that you should ruin your day over what couldn't be yours.
Lesson 7: Tomorrow is another day to start afresh what you missed today. In your case, it is several times a day that you try your goal. Never getting disappointed, never disheartened and not reducing your efforts either.

Maa (It still feels strange when I say it)

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