Sunday, March 3, 2013

I just want to say... I love you....

Dear Mom,

I know I have been a Daddy's daughter all my life... and I still am... But I want you to know:
I scream "Mummy" everytime I am scared or shocked.
I feel sad when I leave home, every single time for not having talked enough to you.
I have in the past rejected your advice, but you should know, I have done exactly what you said all those times.
I miss you so much when I am sad or broken... I know going over to you will ease everything.... and it does.
I see how much trouble it is to have your kid ready for one fancy dress... and you took all the trouble so that we participated in everything... from dance, songs, skits, debates, swimming, embroidery... everything. I can't thank you enough..
There isn't much you don't know about me... Somehow coming clean to you always kept me sane...

Dear Papa:
Here is something I copied from another blogger, and the credit perhaps goes to an Ad, but so aptly describes what I feel:

' To the first man I ever smiled at..
To the first man I truly loved..
To the man I looked for in every other..
To the man who thought I grew up too soon..
To my father..
The first man I belonged to..'


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