Monday, January 28, 2013

We shall have our culture

When we Indians are asked how we feel about our country, the answers will vary based on our mood. A sense of sadness or disgust in recent times over gender violence, state apathy, corruption, etc. And a sense of pride and happiness over Indian culture in more "normal" times.

But, I wonder if we have not just exaggerated Indian culture and reached to this state. Are all our problems not a manifestation, misuse or misinterpretation of our culture.

Isn't our obsession with our culture partly responsible for our state? We are following the culture, forgetting the intent and base. The dogma is there, but the truth and reason behind it is forgotten conveniently. Or is it that when we weren't looking, someone took all Indian scriptures book, removed out all the roles and responsibilities of men, highlighted the ones of women and called it culture???

Women should not go out alone in the night. Women should not be working out late in the night. They should be nicely covered, shouldn't tempt men. They should not loose their virginity before marriage. They should be maintaining the household and accept the man chosen to be their husband?

What about the part of Indian culture where men were supposed to look after, honor and protect their wives? When it was the princesses who had their Swayamvar and chose their groom amongst the many eligible men? When rape, domestic violence and torture were unheard of. When it was a sin to lust any woman other than your wife?

But now we have given up the idea of 'Ideal Men'. We are talking about real men, men with lust and greed. And we are still talking about 'Ideal women'. Its an unfair comparison. Either, we should teach our boys and men to be ideal and deal strongly if they wander off. Or we should accept the reality and just honor one ground rule, you are not allowed to hurt anyone.

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