Wednesday, September 14, 2011

TOW Movie review

There is this movie that I recently watched "Mere Brother ki dulhan". Some will call it senseless and childish... I would rather call it entertaining. Some pointers I liked about this one:

1. This is one movie which shows arranged marriages the way they are now. Middle class Indian society is moe open to love marriages than ever. Parents would be happy if their children found their own spouses ... as long as they fit few criteria ;). New generation Indians are open to both methods of settling down. They will be assertive if they have found the one they like. They know even if they agree to an arranged one, the decision is going to be theirs. Parents can help you meet your Mr./Miss Right, whether you find them right or not is your decision.

2. It shows that its okay for a girl to be partying hard, drinking, being out-going, frank and assertive... yet being a nice-girl. It is not a conventional Indian attitude. Yet is getting more accepted now. The dilemma that heroine has on whether she should change, and hero's answer... Your madness is your USP... loved it.

3. It shows a hero who is genuinly nice and honest... much needed these days ;)

4. Ladke to Pappu hote hai... Pappu ko Lollipop dikhao... Pappu khud tumhare peeche aayega... :D

5. Ali Zafar. He looks refreshingly sweet and innocent. The role suits him brilliantly and he is so convincing.

6. I kind of like this Indo-Pak fusion of cinema. Instead of just sending terrorists, its a nice gesture from Pakistan to send actors too. It reaffirms that people are same on both sides of all is politics.

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